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Hello Tunnies! 

Just a reminder about The Wedding Project rules. :)

 First, as always I would like you to tell me if you’re in

Like this I can put you on “The Participant List" and remind you about the project if needed :)

  • The Wedding Project: 

 It is a project to congratulate Robin Tunney AND Nicky Marmet on their wedding.

The idea here is to make a kind of "GuestBook" with congratulation messages, drawings, arts, photos…

Try to be a bit creative on what you’re saying and doing (why not do as if you were at the wedding and say something like ” by the way, the cake was delicious” or “loved the flashdance remake” for example)

You have one page by participant :)

Don’t forget that this book is NOT ONLY about Robin… it’s for Nicky too!

It’s to congratulate BOTH OF THEM

For the Deadline, I’m changing because i’m susperstitious on this and don’t want to send something without knowing it happened. 

So just send me your part as quickly & as soon as you made it.

Because the day we know they are married, I’ll just let a week or 2 to wrap everything up.

Last informations:

In the e-mail add: Your Name, Country and Twitter (if you have one)

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask me on my twitter (@Totorsg), tumblr, the site or by e-mail (links under the header).

  • Thanks to all the people who will be part of this project for our Robin. 

Reblog, tweet, Link, Spread the word.

Robin is our Queen <3 

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