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Robyn Tunney On 'The Mentalist' Getting One More Season


OMG I NEVER get over how different her voice is when she’s casual and not acting!!  So much higher and girlier!  LOL!

And she certainly didn’t write off a wedding for Jane/Lisbon, she just said they aren’t “traditional”, which we ALL KNOW.  But I think Jane really likes to be a married man, so, who knows?

AND OMFG her reaction to her movie character having 5 kids!  AHAHAHAHA!! “BWAHAHA LOLNO!!!!” That’s about how I would react too.  LOL

(Source: letsloveflowers)


"This becomes cemented in a scene beautifully directed and performed by Baker when Jane locks eyes with Roger. A once comical character now serves as a chilling representation of Jane’s future on the island. In this moment, Jane realizes how one’s heaven can easily become one’s hell. With that, he decides it’s time to go home. …"

Matt Gossen, Assistant to Simon Baker

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